We know you all love to eat and you must buy other grocery items. Now thanks to Ralph’s and Albertson’s you can help fund OCF-OCF each time you swipe your Ralph’s or Albertson’s Club card. Register with either or both and a portion of what you spend will be sent to OCF. It’s easy and helps fund our World’s Greatest Camps! Just follow the directions below.

To register your Ralph’s club card go to

and click on the Participant Sign Up button. You will need your Ralph’s Club number (under the UPC code on the back) and you will be asked to update the information on your Ralph’s club registration. The NPO number for OCF is 80313. If you don’t already have a Ralph’s club card you can sign up online at


(You can sign up to support more than one group, but Ralph’s encourages support of a single organization.)

For Albertson’s all you have to do is go to

You’ll need to log in with your Albertson’s card number (under the UPC code on the back) and the telephone number you used when you signed up. If you don’t already have a card, you’ll have to get one at your local Albertson’s. Click “My Account” on the signpost, then click on the “Add a Partner” box and enter the OCF ID # 49001012289. (You can support up to four organizations, so if you’re already signed up to support another organization, you can still add OCF to your account.)

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