OCF Board Needs Parent Volunteers

Are you interested in helping OCF? If so, we have many varied opportunities for you to help in whatever way works best for you. We are anxiously looking for parents with passion, an open heart and a willingness to serve on an event or committee of their choosing. The work is fun, challenging and rewarding. Here are some of the opportunities:

OCFOCF Get Involved


(Helping to plan and deliver fun events like Theme Parks, Angels game, etc. ) Camp (Assisting the Camp Director pull off the “World’s Greatest Camp”) Fundraising (Critical to great camps and events)

OCFOCF Get Involved

Hospital and Community Outreach:

looking for at least 1 parent per hospital – CHOC, Kaiser, Fountain Valley, Mission, Children’s Los Angeles etc. – phone calls, visiting clinics and hospitals, letting new families know about OCF

Holiday Party:

Santa Claus and all!

Board Meetings:

Board meetings are held throughout the year please see our events page for dates, times and other details.

For more information email- activities@ocf-ocf.org

Roger Perez
Executive Director of OCF-OC

Contact him if you have any ideas or would like to be involved in the OCF organization.

Kenneth Criddle
Director of IT

Contact Kenneth if you have any ideas or would like to be involved in fund Raising events.

Brenda Hohnstein
Director of Activities

Contact her if you are interested in volunteering your time to help out.

Family Outreach Committee 
This committee recruits families who would benefit from a weekend at camp. We go into the local hospitals and meet with families to spread the word about our organization.

Christmas Party Committee 
OCF is known for its Annual Christmas Celebration. We need party planning people who would like to serve on a committee to help us with this activity.

Activities Committee 
OCF has a lot of events throughout the year that need planning. We would appreciate people who are interested in organizing and planning fun events.

Fund Raising Committee 
OCF is a nonprofit organization funded completely on donations. We have several organized events throughout the year to help generate money. If you are interested in planning one of these events or coming up with another please contact us!

Board Meeting Information: OCF-OCF Board Meetings are open to the public and all OCF-OCF families and friends. We invite all interested to attend and help us plan some of the World’s Greatest Activities for our World’s Greatest Families.

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